There is a thin line between good and great…

adam Shepard

attended Merrimack College on a basketball scholarship, graduating with a degree in Business Management and Spanish. Shortly after graduation—with almost literally $25 to his name—Adam departed his home state for Charleston, SC, embarking on the journey that became his successful first book, Scratch Beginnings. Scratch Beginnings tells the story of starting with $25, a sleeping bag, and the clothes on his back in a random city to test the values of hard work and discipline in today’s “me first, gotta have it right now” society.

Scratch Beginnings has now been used on the curriculum or as a First Year Common Read at over 110 colleges and universities in the United States and translated across the world.

Adam’s second memoir, One Year Lived, chronicles tales of travel and life lessons learned among 17 countries, 4 continents, 42,134.6 miles, and one haunting encounter with a savage bull. He has been featured far and wide in the national media, most recently for his involvement in the documentary American Dream.

“Next Level is exactly what I needed to
recharge the fire in my belly…”

-Tyler Pennington Destin, FL

“Complex subject matter, and Adam makes it easy to grasp…”

-Susan Lee Newport Beach, CA

“Should be required for every

-George Ellis Atlanta, GA

“Listening to Adam talk me through this series was enjoyable and natural, like friends chatting over coffee discussing the next steps of life… ”

-Korey Banks Portland, OR

Fifteen, 15-minute MP 3 audio sessions. Accompanying PDF workbooks. Simple, yet thorough.

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Session 1: Accountability

Few people understand the value in taking responsibility for their actions. This goes for adults as much as it does for kids. Embracing accountability can catapult someone far ahead of their
peers NOW, and this skillet then carries forward as the future unfolds.

Session 2: Defining Your Purpose

Learning what it takes to succeed only works if you understand what you’re working for.
Defining your objective is a vital (and easy!) step to determining your direction, whether it’s for
the next four months or the next forty years.

Session 3: Dealing with Failure and Rejection

You are going to make mistakes, and rather than run from those mistakes, you must learn to
recognize that opportunities are available with every setback.

Session 4: Having The Courage to be Different

We are not taught to think critically, and, as a result, we have a society of people who fall into
line and conform to a clearly-defined paradigm. It shouldn’t be that way. Successful people live unconventional lives, and this session will empower you to do just that.

Session 5: The Importance of Organization, Rituals, and Habits

Average people are disorderly, distracted, and unsystematic. Great people understand the
importance of developing a consistent routine that they can balance with their desire to live
outside the box. And as a result, they get more done, faster, and with greater quality.

Session 6: Problem Solving

Faced with a challenge, many will choose to back down rather than looking for a resolution. The
real world demands that you enact techniques for quickly resolving conflict by focusing on a
win-win outcome.

Session 7: Living with Enthusiasm and Passion

Passion is not hereditary; it is a learned skill. Teachers, coaches, colleges, and employers over-
whelmingly prefer someone with enthusiasm and passion over dormant talent. When five
people walk in applying for a job or looking for a promotion or trying to pitch a new client, the
one with enthusiasm will win.

Session 8: Managing Your Work Ethic

Greatness is not innate. Greatness comes from putting everything you’ve got into your dream –
100% – and this session discusses strategies you can use to maximize your skillset.

Session 9: Setting Goals and Taking Action

Listing what you want is easy. Anyone can sit down and jot down a wish list. But how can you
do that strategically?
And more importantly, how can you seize the moment and transform your goals from paper to

Session 10: Embracing Change

It is an ambiguous, unstable, wavering world. This session covers the most important tactics for
understanding not only how to deal with change but how to invite it into your world and capi-
talize on it.

Session 11: Toughness

There are times, certainly, to be sensitive, but there are also times to buck up and take the bull
by the horns. This session discusses how success often parallels one’s ability to be mentally
tougher than the next person.

Session 12: Supreme Preparation

Accountability and passion and work ethic and problem solving, etc. are important. But all of
those can fall flat if you are not prepared for your next move, be it a game, a test, a job interview,
or a big meeting. Session 12 addresses specific methods to have you outperforming your skill

Session 13: When to Lead, When to Follow

Anyone can start shouting orders and anyone can sit back in the corner and act as a pawn. But
the trick is to learn how to balance these approaches effectively and to understand when to use
each of them. Knowing when to lead and when to follow can be the distinction between good
and great.

Session 14: Building an Outstanding Team Around You

Nobody succeeds on his or her own. (Nobody!) Building a team is essential. This involves sur-
rounding yourself with efficient, successful people and together accomplishing big goals.

Session 15: On Remaining Humble

Many people fall from stardom as a result of an inflated, out-of-control ego. Many people. So,
success is one thing, but maintaining that success is a whole different beast, and this final
session brings together every lesson by addressing that we have to always treat our lives (and
other people) as if we haven’t really made it.

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