Four reasons to become an affiliate:

  • It’s simple.. Painless. Sign-up at Gumroad, put your unique URL out to your network, and start collecting revenue.
  • It’s inspiring. The Next Level Course draws high performance out of the people who buy the program, so you know that every sale you make as an affiliate is also making a very real impact.
  • It’s reputable. Adam Shepard’s name is a trusted name. You don’t have to hawk or hype this program. Present it to the world, and it will sell itself.
  • It’s profitable. 50% commission on every sale is possibly the easiest money you’ll make all year.

To get going…

First, go here to sign up for a Gumroad account. It’s free, and it takes about 4 minutes; 3 if dinner is waiting. (Ignore any offers for premium services. You don’t need them.)

Then, send an email to Adam, and he will approve you as an affiliate. Gumroad will assign you with a unique affiliate link.

Then, use that link to put the word out. Share on your site; email to your network; post on social media. You know what to do. (You’re obviously free to use the banners below.)

Then, get paid. Every time someone uses your link to purchase the Next Level Success course, you get half and we get half.

We chose Gumroad as our distribution partner and to handle all affiliate sales because of their reputation as an industry leader, their prompt customer service, the ease with which one can sign up, and their generous payout structure.